Workshops allow leaders to:

See their teams in a different way

Compare alternative perspectives. Experience paradigm shifts. Gain greater understanding of others, how they operate. Appreciate how the behaviours and perceptions they demonstrate as leaders affect their teams. and much, much more.

See themselves in a different way

Once the leaders are more comfortable with observing others, and noticing what they notice; in a very safe and controlled environment, the attention will turn towards the leaders themselves. During the workshops this will be done in a very general way, looking at different types of influence and different scenarios and exercises. Workshops will not however focus on individual specifics nor ask the leaders to open up too much in front of their peers. The inward reflection is done very gently and carefully, as we appreciate self-reflection can be a difficult thing for people to do, especially if they are new to it. The workshop introduces types of self reflection, plus lots useful tools and techniques to deal with overwhelming workloads, stress, motivation, engagement and much more.

Individual Support for Every Delegate

Workshops for leaders are powerfully combined with one to one coaching with fully qualified personal performance coaches, to support each and every leader on their own personal journey to greatness. Much of the inner-work personal to the leader will be covered in the one to one personal performance coaching, whereby strictly private and confidential discussion can be had, away from their peers.

The coaching allows a safe, confidential and third-party space, for leaders to explore their own strengths and opportunities for growth. During the coaching they can explore their own inner values and passion, working in harmony with these powerful elements to unlock expansive creativity and drive, that may have been hidden before.

Your leaders will leave their experience knowing themselves on a much deeper level, having the confidence and drive to grow and succeed. They will have new-found purpose and clarity of direction, working in alignment with your business vision. They will carry around with them a new positive vibe, which is contagious within the business. They will have found new ways to understand, engage and inspire the teams they lead.

Many of the results will be tangible, you will pre-define your own business measures for success to ensure amazing ROI. There will be also an intangible buzz of positive energy, passion and excitement to deliver your business vision.

The leaders will be supported by us well beyond the workshops, to enable them to continue their personal leadership journey, and to maintain the positive momentum. Ensuring these amazing results are sustained, and better still, are passed on effectively to the teams within your business. Allowing your leaders to put into practice what they have learnt, by inspiring and engaging their teams, unlocking their potential and leading them, and your business to success.


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