“SE Associates Ltd is the sweet-spot that combines my passion for understanding people, psychology, leadership and coaching, with my research and analytical skills, and the practical applications in real-life settings, such as the corporate world or day to day private life.”
Dr Sarah Elizabeth, Founder and Director.


We work with carefully selected associates, specialising in key areas of delivery, to enhance the training experience, from qualified coaches, trainers, and project managers, to alternative therapists and nutritionists.

Drawing on the expertise of these associates allows totally tailored solutions, designed to give the most relevant and high-quality experience, every time.


Passion, Vision, Success

Without Passion, there is no Drive.

Without Vision there is no Direction.

Without Drive and Direction, there is no Success.

At SE Associates Ltd we believe in helping people find their inner passion. Their Why. Their reason for doing things. With this passion ignited, there is no stopping them.

We help people understand their vision. Their where. Where do they want to go in life, what are they aiming for.

With a clear vision of where they want to go, and the passion and desire to get there, superior, sustained success is the most likely outcome.

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