Dr Sarah Elizabeth, founder of SE Associates Ltd, has 17 years of experience specialising in Continuous Improvement, Process Development, Project Management, Leadership Training, Coaching and Mentoring. As well as a strong academic background, with sound industry-linked research experience following 7 years associated with the University of Nottingham.


Corporate Experiences

In my corporate life I have worked with thousands of people at all different stages of their lives and careers, across a broad spectrum of job sectors. Taking the time to get to know people and what motivates them. What kinds of situations can cause stress and conflict. How that makes them feel and how this affects their performance, and what they would like to see differently.

My upcoming book “Essential Contemplations for Modern Leaders” is an overview of almost two decades of observations and insights, sewn together in a practical how-to guide, that I hope will help modern leaders see that by understanding and caring about the wellbeing of their teams, they will truly uncover each individuals’ hidden talents and potential, unlocking performance within their teams that most only dream of!

“Essential Contemplations for Modern Leaders” illuminates the fact that leaders and teams can, and should, have it all. Treating their employees well and encouraging team wellbeing will lead to superior performance of the team and the business overall.

Creating a win for the individual, a win for the team, a win for the leader and a win for the business.

Why wouldn’t everyone want that?

The training, coaching and corporate retreats all go hand in hand with the insights of this book.


Private Life

I have two school age children. I love family life and make a point of gaining a healthy balance between my work passions and my precious family time.

I was actually the transition into parenthood that accelerated my love of coaching, and power of coaching in real-life as well as work life.

I had been a coach in the corporate world for several years before my children arrived, however I found the transition back to work following maternity leave a challenge for all sorts of reasons. I wasn’t the same person who left work, I was a mum now. My priorities had changed. My role wasn’t the same. Nothing was the same. I had new passions and responsibilities outside of work. And I found the transition hard.

Luckily for me, during this period of huge transition, I was offered a 7 week one to one coaching package which honestly changed my life completely.

This was the eureka moment, that made everything make sense.


People are whole. They are the same whether they are at home or at work. Of course they utilise different fragments of themselves in different environments, however I was coached as a whole person. My work and my personal life were taken into account. I was able to be completely me. Completely honest about who I was. The changes were so powerful, I have never looked back.

It was from then that I decided I wanted to share this opportunity with more people, so I took further coaching training with The Coaching Academy, one of the UK’s leading Coaching Training companies, as I wanted to offer the best quality service to my clients.

So, nowadays I work with clients who contact me through their business (corporate) or contact me privately, because to me it doesn’t matter where you approach me from, I work with whole people, not fragments of people.

Much of my early work was around helping mums with their transition into parenthood and also back into work following maternity leave.

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